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Would you like to work with us? Great! We would like that, too! We love partnerships! Here are some of the options we offer. This list is by no means exhaustive. Have an idea not listed? Send us a message! Let’s chat!

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Work With Us

Accommodation, Tour, Location, or Product Reviews: If you are looking for a quality review, look no further. We will provide an incredible review to make your location or item shine. Our reviews include posts, social media sharing and photography, as well as detailed inforomation for the reader.

Sponsored Content: You can attract new readers, visitors or clients with a sponsored content item on our site. This can be in the form of a blog post, photos, social media or videos.

Social Media Promotion: Aiming to capture more social media attention? We can help your brand, product, or location through promotion on our site and social media.

Giveaways, Trips, or Contests: To raise awareness for your location or brand, we can promote your item or brand in the form of a giveaway, trip or contest.

Press and Familiarization Trips: Road Ninjas participates in press or familiarization trips. All such partnerships will include posts, photography, and social media exposure. Posts can also include interviews with owners or management team to help promote your site.

Hosting or Guided Tours: Bring us in for a speical host or promoter for your tour or event.

Meetups: Hosting a Meetup? Just message us! If we are able to attend we will and we will promote it on the blog and social media.

Conferences, Seminars, or Events: We love to collaborate on, work with, promote, and attend special conferences, seminars, or events.

Guest Posts: We welcome guest posting. If you have a travel story, hack or recipes to share please contact us for guest posting information!