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But first read our guidelines below. 

We accept articles that are family travel based. We also accept articles for our “Recipes from the Road” section but it should focus on a recipe with a short story of travel or regional interest. Our blog focuses on budget travel, making travel possible, how to plan, how to save, and how to travel all centered on family. If you have something that you think would fit with this, send us an email –

First email us and express your interest in writing for us. Second let us know what your would like your post to be about. Third we will reply saying that topic is accepted and let you know a deadline for your submission. Forth, write and submit your post.

Your post should be at least 500 words, but it can be up to 1500. It should include at least 3 of your own photos if you are writing about a specific location. (Road Ninjas reserves the right to edit the photos for posting. All credit will be given to you for the photo work).

Your post can not be published previously on the web. This should be a first publish.

You can send your own picture and byline information to be published at the bottom of your blog. We will link back to your blog or website.

The day your post comes out we ask you to make at least 3 social media posts to advertise your article. We will advertise on our social media as well.

***Articles with profanity or anything unfamily-friendly will NOT be published.