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Road Ninjas

Road Ninjas was launched in 2017 to connect a community of budget friendly travelers, wander-lusters, nomads and those that dream.

Do you love driving down a new road for the first time ever? What about finding a deserted beach you can enjoy on your own? Or discovering the perfect campsite or a local diner?

YES!!! (Of course, who doesn’t?!)

Then this spot is just for you! Road Ninjas is here for the purpose of fueling the passion to explore, to wander and to live adventure. Here you will find stories, hacks, reviews, and so much more of how this nomad travel life works in reality.

It is possible to travel with small children. It is possible to travel on a budget. It is all possible! Stick around – we will show you how! (Need help with your travel plans? Check out our Travel Planner Services page.)


Meet Sarah – The Voice Behind Road Ninjas

(*Sarah pictured here with Josiah in 2015 at the entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland).

I didn’t wake up one day and just decide I wanted to live my life differently. It happened gradually over time.

As a young girl, I was blessed to spend my summers with my grandparents. My Grandpa was a first class, grade A adventurer. He always wanted to pack up and move to Australia years ago when they gave farm land away for free if you would homestead it.

I spent my summer days exploring back wood trails, hiking in the woods, wondering down old forgotten roads, and listening to him talk about the stories of when he was young.

Something from all those conversations stirred in me, and I knew growing up I had to see the world. I had to explore it, taste it, touch it, and feel it.

At 13 years of age I had two life altering moments. I took my first trip outside of the United States, and I saw the ocean for the first time. The travel bug grabbed on to me and it’s never let go.

Fast forward to a few years after college, I married my best friend and favorite travel partner, Jeremy. He keeps me grounded, while encouraging my dreams at the same time. A few years after that, we have two travels buddies, Josiah who is 8 and Ethan who is 6! With one on the way!

Meet the rest of the Road Ninjas team:

This is Ethan. Our Pirate Ninja! Celebrating on a raining fall day at Shanghai Disneyland.

This is Josiah. He loves to climb and run! Here he climbed to the top of a lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

And of course my traveling companion, sweet hubby, and best friend – Jeremy. Here he is pictured with Josiah on a beach on Prince Edward Island.

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