Long Absence

I think its been about 2 months or so since I have posted here on Road Ninjas. Sorry for the long absence. Life has been a bit…well…crazy!

Transitioning Countries

After 3 years living in China, we will be spending the next 6 months to year living stateside again. Southern California to be exact! While it should seem an easy thing to do, to pack up and return to the land of ones birth, it comes with a fair bit of challenges.

Be on the look out for a follow up post entitled – “You Can’t Really Go Home Again.” This post will deal with more about the changes and challenges people face after living abroad (or while living abroad but back on a visit.) Don’t miss it! It will help you understand your expat friends or family!

Waiting on a Baby

Often you hear jokes about waiting on a woman. Well, I guess you could insert those here, since we know this little one will be a girl!  🙂   So, why are we in Southern California?  Basically its to give birth to our third child. There are few other reasons mixed in, but those can wait for a later date. For now the focus is on our third addition coming in mid June.

I should probably explain…because I have been asked a lot…that China doesn’t exactly have steller medical care. Another reason for SoCal at the moment. Most of our friends there will travel to Hong Kong, South Korea, or Thailand if they need something, especially something serious. The other option being waiting for the next vacation and taking care of it in their passport country. This left us with coming to the USA to have sweet baby #3.

So there you have it folks! Road Ninjas is back in full swing! Stay tuned for many more awesome posts coming soon!

~ Sarah