There is something about the ocean that has drawn me in since my first visit at age 12. I have become lost in its’ hypnotic effect. Any chance I get, that is a top of the list stop in my travels.

Prince Edward Island – being a true island has numerous beaches. This was one of the great draws for us in making the trip last summer. Anyone on this island, a beautiful beach is only a short drive away. These beaches have another selling point – even in the summer you can find ones that are not overcrowded. Crowded on PEI is like mild on other beaches. So this was worth the drive.

Anne of Green Gables Museum Beach

Our first beach stop was actually part of the Matthew’s Buggy Ride tour when we visited the Anne of Green Gables Museum. This is the home of the Campbell family where Lucy Maud Montgomery spent some of he favorite times in her childhood. You can tour the house, visit the gift shop and pick up a bottle of raspberry cordial and take a carriage ride. It’s a beautiful spot! The buggy ride tour also takes you by the Lake of Shining Waters that was the inspiration for the one used in Montgomery’s books.

On the tour “Matthew” stops right by the sea and rests the horse. This gave us the chance to climb down to the beach and explore!

Here the boys are ready to make our way down. And honestly for those who love these movies, this is picture perfect! The red cliffs that we famously see in the movies, were literally right in front of us! A very magically moment for me.

This beach is a private beach owned still by the family. So no one was out on it except us. You have to admit that is a pretty amazing experience.

We walked the shores and snapped photos. The kids splashed in the water. And we collected a few shells from the shoreline. But most of all I was transported back in time, as if I was Anne walking these shores. A moment I will not soon forget!

Prince Edward Island National Park Beach 

Our second beach day was after a day of sight seeing also. We stopped in the Prince Edward Island National Park. First, I want to mention there is a fee to get into the park. However, when we arrived there was no one manning the booth at the entrance and no box to pay. So we were able to enter for free. We arrived about 6pm. As you look at the pictures it looks bright out. Because PEI is so far north, the summer daylight hours are long. This helps when you want extra beach time!

When we came into the park there is the main beach area and it had several cars at it. We decided to go past it and drive a little further down the road. Our curiosity paid off! We stumbled upon a place we could park and walk a path through the dunes to a beach. That beach was deserted. (Side note: stay on the paths through the dunes so that the dunes are not messed up or their ecosystem destroyed).

My kids loved walking up and down this beach. We splashed. We played. We built sandcastles. And this was a great beach for shells.

One other family did stop briefly and play for a few minutes during out 2 hour stay. Other than that we had this amazing beach to ourselves.

After we finished we stopped by the restrooms and showers that is at the first beach and cleaned up before we headed out. Perfect way to enjoy the convenience and still have private beach time!

Souris Beach

While this doesn’t look like a beach it really is. This photo is taken at high tide and right after a storm. Souris is the sea glass capitol on PEI. If you like to look for sea glass this is a pretty good spot, just not at high tide. We did come back a few days later and the tide was out and we walked out quite a ways because of the sandbars. If you have younger kids this is a fun beach for them. The water is also very calm (when its’ not storming).

East Point Beach

One day we just drove to the furthest point east you can go on the island. Here is the place where the waves meet. Again we found a beach with only a few people on it. The above picture is up on top where parked. There is a path with some stairs down to the beach.

No one for miles! We couldn’t help but love that!

Around the corner just a bit you can see a house of in the distance. Moment of honesty – I would live there in a heartbeat! I love the sea and being right on it would be a dream come true!

Of course visiting beaches day after day never got old with our kids. They were immediately ready to find a new beach and explore. I guess they have that same spirit of adventure their parents do!

Unnamed Beach

So this beach was seriously at the end of a dirt road with no name! We had been looking for a beach good for sea glass searching. The one we found was crowded with people. So we kept driving down back roads near by and stumbled on this one. It’s rocky shoreline made it a great spot for sea glass and we found some of the best pieces here. On the opposite note – this is not the place for swimming. Its very rocky, so its a good idea to have sandals on for this type of beach.

Provincial Park

The bad thing about this beach is I don’t have any clue what the name is or where we were. lol  We had been driving around and saw a sign and just went to explore. There was a nice parking lot and easy trail to follow down to the beach. This would be a nice place to swim, however by the time we found it the fog was rolling in. So we just ran around the beach for a bit. Watching the fog come in was amazing and beautiful.

If you see the small orange dot and tiny blue dot, that is my kids walking down the beach.

Do you have favorite beaches you love to visit? Or a love of the ocean? Tell me about it in the comments!

~ Sarah